( Awakening to Consciousness of the Soul
)            by Swami Don

The Matrix has long existed by other names and descriptions and is made possible because forgetfulness is a basic requirement for the Spirit to enter this plane of existence to occupy a Vessel which begins its life as a blank slate ready and eager to be written upon, and anything can be written.

The Matrix imprints rules and limitations indelibly onto the child to explain the mysterious new world the Soul finds itself in, and thus, a helpful impostor fills an inner-Void but knows nothing beyond a belief that IT alone lives; and once any lingering childhood suspicions are suppressed there's no basis to believe otherwise until Awakening occurs.

Unfortunately in many ways a Spirit/Soul may withdraw from a human life because of the abusive treatment the child (Vessel for the Soul) receives, and later is put-off again by mind-forged manacles which prevent the simple enjoyment of life.  The Soul might simply decide to sit this one out.   After all, another Vessel will come along in the blink of a Cosmic Eye.

This might explain why many people who appear to be born without a Soul may actually have had this important door slammed shut when the Soul did exactly what Its reflection (the Vessel) should be doing... refusing to participate in the madness.  Who could blame a sensitive Soul for withdrawing from yet another miserable lifetime of quiet desperation?

Consider the possibility that 'all is Maya (illusion) except that which is seen through the Eye of the Spirit”, and maybe as near as a human can get to that is to connect with his Soul.  Most agree to having One but many forget Its nature as an Immortal Chip off the GOD Block and likely His representative on this playing field.   Not so strangely, the Matrix holds this secret close and quiet.
Also overlooked is that children have no Free Will and their life is defined by the amount of fear and punishment required to force acceptance of another person's values.  But when the vessel matures enough to look beyond mommy for nourishment he begins to examine his own place in the Universe and the False Ego is quickly exposed by the living death it brings.

This monster has grown strong and arrogant within each of us and truly believes itself to be the big-cheese in a group that excludes God and the Soul and a very big Universe as well, but the False Ego's world view is supported by a Matrix of interwoven Illusions which limit believers to the crumbs of life in a dark airless box with defined horizons.  It must be defeated.

Everything is rationed in the Matrix, especially reason, and a pay-off comes only from blind  obedience to inhuman Institutions and Systems that suck away life and hope.  Escape appears impossible when even the mere thought brings pain from the Matrix, but the real root of One's misery is a deep and profound realization of wasted life drifted far off course.

Escape from the Matrix is possible and enough have done it to point the way.  The real Journey to the Self is as painful as violently stripping away cherished illusions and delusions would expect to be... but Consciousness is a threshold which must be crossed before progress can happen on a true Spiritual Journey.  Prior to Consciousness everything is Maya.

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