Women Can't Raise Little Boys
        by Swami Don
Woman's mischief is done and the proof is so right in our face that one must wonder: "how blind can unconsciousness be?"   As usual the men have slept through it and now must work to try to save what's left... and clean up the mess that 'let the women do it' has caused.  But maybe better to forget them, it's too late and the die is cast anyway, so all that really remains is to standby and watch America sink with most life lost... and know the reasons why.  This comedy of errors won't be seen again so enjoy the show.

With four generations of Zombie kids produced isn't it amusing to watch mothers pointing the finger at the schools, and educators doing the same at mothers; with neither admitting the obvious common denominator, or the historical reality that in every society it falls to women to raise the children?  When poorly done the signs will be everywhere just as they are today so is anyone really surprised when Millennials, like the women who raised them, are unable to accept responsibility and are socialized instead of educated?

Women have failed in their most basic God-given duty when they turn boys into dumbed-down losers and emasculated young men that speak, think, and behave like little girls.  Thus women, with stereotypical small-mindedness and lack of foresight, have destroyed legions of male children and produced young adults that aren't smart enough to figure out where they are, or who put them there.  Instead of blaming the victims (or the nearest man) let the Sisterhood take credit for what they have done..

Ignorance is the largest part of America these days but few can deny the Truth hurts, or admit that fear and pain are reasons to choose darkness and embrace slavery.  Quoting Morpheus, "some people are not ready for the Truth" even if it's found right in front of their nose.  But ignorance is a feeble excuse to those who choose to see, and then have the courage to really look, but it is uncomfortable to discover what's been stolen and to find the living death that replaced it.    

“The hand that rocks the cradle rocks the world” and the reality is that every little boy's best friend is his mother and this creates big problems for the world.   Men and women are different, and men and women are not equal.  To suggest anything else is unhealthy and against the Natural Order of things because a child is a blank slate that's unable to make those distinctions and a child has no choice but to model whatever is seen (and experienced).

The foundation for a man's life is built in early childhood and the consequences of a mistake at the beginning are enormously significant if one asks the question:  “Which man, with hope to do anything meaningful in his life, would want worldviews imprinted on him while he's a defenseless child... especially by another child?"  A young girl in most cases, and female values not male. 

Once again women are proven unable to raise little boys because they turn them into little girls, and history both recognizes this fact and proves it, as do events in America today.  The Greeks, the Romans, and every culture that dominated the world stage including the British all handled this problem by separating the sexes early-on for education; and some cultures separated the Male children from the mother even sooner using nannies, governesses and male tutors that left the mother as a Goddess figurehead.

Today the Elites use the same methods that succeeded throughout history and would never discuss this issue in front of the Masses but take a look at how their children are raised.   You already know the answer even if the Matrix doesn't allow any understanding of true meaning,  but you can bet your life their young men are not turned into brain-dead little girls by neurotic mothers, or emasculated in a Public School system dominated by low class and barely educated women.

No amount of political correctness or social engineering can change the reality of traditional male/female roles, and the stereotypes that spring from them.  They are actual "Truths" passed forward by our ancestors in simple terms that forget the underlying reasons.  No Nation that recognizes the 'children are the future' carelessly destroys 4 generations of them...  at least not by accident or without reason... and clearly the Elites have not forgotten.

When Truth comes center stage the proof is found both in the dustbins of human history and in front of one's eyes too, and maybe when revealed, there might also be a twitch deep in the the part of one's heart that's been forgotten.  But once the truth is known it can never  not be known again.

                 THE END





Max finch
01/29/2015 2:17pm

Great name
Wearer of it


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