X, Y and Z.  Millennials are screwed and here's why                       by Swami Don

                       Too hot to handle
                       Removed temporarily for rewrite and to expand these ideas into book form.

    ----------------------------     Work in Progress --- To Be Continued      ---------------------



    Swami Don is an Enlightened Spiritual Teacher, former Airline Pilot,  Vietnam Vet, Green Beret: Purple Hearts, Bronze Star, Silver Star.  A traveling Monk recently returned after 20 years in India/Asia, now based in Tucson at swamidon.com offering Seminars and Specialty Counseling with the goal of bringing a mid-life 180 degree course change that moves from Awakening to full Consciousness and fulfills the promise of 'Two Lives for the Price of One' and provides true Existential Meaning in the last half (where it counts).


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