After Awakening... What to Do ?

                                                                                                          by  Swami Don

Many people flounder after experiencing Awakening and become lost and helpless as a new world inches into their reality.   This State is the unfortunate result of Matrix mind-fog that responds to any sense of new realities, or even the suspicion of them.   Confusion is natural when worlds collide, and so is fear. 

So get used to it.   Awakening is merely the smallest step toward real life but it can lead to a miraculous journey if one chooses it.   The Matrix enslaves but exercising  Free Choice can empower one to see what exists directly off the end of their nose and picking at it can unveil Truths that are there 'even when you are not.'

Lemmings 'go along to get along' and recognize neither the march nor the destination until they splat against the rocks below when it's too late, but “whoops, just another Lemming.”   Your Spirit is Immortal so another Vessel is coming along shortly anyway, and besides, life is wasted on Lemmings isn't it?

Reincarnation is reserved for the Spirit but life is a rare and valuable gift for all that encounter it.   Only one per Vessel but still an opportunity beyond belief that hints at the possibility of more than most suspect.   Consciousness brings the potential to discover the reason why one exists and maybe that's the point of being human. 

Sure, awakening is a gimme, but also the lucky break that sign posts the Journey to Self discovery that lies before all of Humanity.   That the Path exists is proven by others who have beaten it down already, but nonetheless, the Seeker's first steps always require courage because they must be taken on Faith and Willpower alone. 

Awakening is a glimpse of reality and the beginning of awareness that can expand in only two directions, outward (exoteric) and inward (esoteric).   One Path is finite and the other is infinite.  Both are necessary to unveil illusions in the material world although it's Inner-world discoveries that raise the veils to real surprises.

Certainly every Spirit is ravaged in childhood as the Matrix imprints itself and these forgotten memories affect every aspect of life after the first 7 years.   So, in order to significantly increase Awareness these experiences must be examined in the light of day and in this effort there can be no compromises or shortcuts. 

GIGO.  Garbage in-Garbage out makes the business of stripping away the trash 
inescapable.  The Matrix's facilitators weren't concerned about the Evil they put into you in childhood so forget them now, and forgive them when you're ready.   But meanwhile it's safe to believe that their stuff guaranteed your misery.

Expect Meditation, Psychological Therapy and Self-study to nurture introspective thought.   With so few choices most people start with New Age Metaphysics, and I did too for awhile, but NA won't go the distance on a serious Quest and just assures discovering better delusions rather than full consciousness or Enlightenment.
The Initiated Seeker must avoid the philosophy of easy answers riddled with holes and misrepresentations.  Only intense inner work can build the pathways needed to bring real Truths up from one's Center in a natural manner which includes the reasons why.   Encouraging the inner Teacher is what turns Seekers into Knowers.
Some meditations are designed to reach specific goals and for the beginner psychological therapy is really important if it's meaningful.  But no one can take you farther on the Spiritual Path than he's traveled himself so choose your teachers carefully and don't be afraid to kill every Buddha on the road, if necessary.

Some who awaken begin to closely examine their needs, and their life, to find what lies behind new horizons that suddenly appeared.  Many search for, and study, the Old Masters to build upon their Wisdom; and some look to the written Classics to Self-educate... or both.  Lifting Veils will reveal which dead Masters tell no lies.

A free person gains consciousness far beyond the Masses.   What the Matrix (and its representatives) present as truth disintegrates when the mind opens to consider other realities; and one is that the Masses are asses and the willing receptacles for Universal Stupidity.  The Awakened Seeker will move far beyond them.

In the Land of the Blind the One-eyed Man is King but nothing will be reaped that hasn't been sown first and personal power grows when the weight of emotional and mental baggage is removed.  It took years to get screwed-up so disciplined effort will be needed for years to undo that damage, but the sooner one begins serious work the sooner the 'spice of life' will come.  Guaranteed. 

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    Swami Don is an Enlightened Spiritual Teacher, former Airline Pilot,  Vietnam Vet, Green Beret: Purple Hearts, Bronze Star, Silver Star.  A traveling Monk recently returned after 20 years in India/Asia, now based in Tucson at offering Seminars and Specialty Counseling with the goal of bringing a mid-life 180 degree course change that moves from Awakening to full Consciousness and fulfills the promise of 'Two Lives for the Price of One' and provides true Existential Meaning in the last half (where it counts).


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