by Swami Don

For the true liver of Life there are no mistakes once he learns how to turn them into lessons to open doors and then are encouraged, the more the merrier, bring'em on. Of course everybody is going to screw-up but mistakes bring limits and where is the reason in them if not to grow beyond them? Nobody is perfect and nobody really knows anything except that they know nothing for sure.

Having posed the disclaimer it's now possible to reason together about what seems apparent.   With an infinite number of ways to the infinite the Journey is merely a matter of first deciding to do it, and then one step after another followed by another.   No worries about the direction because the path will narrow as the traveler concerns himself with nothing more than finding Truths large and small.

Some Truths are obvious and other Truths spring from them to be followed like cake crumbs through a dark and scary forest and discovering elements of the plan confirms the existence of a Plan. For example, we're all separated from the Source at Birth, no memory and no exceptions, it happens to everybody so slumber and unconsciousness must be part of the plan.

Then the first thing that happens after birth is the Matrix is installed and here again there's no avoiding it either.  Regardless of culture it still happens in some form or another and prepares the Vessel for life in the material world.   Obvious again that a Matrix has always been and always will be, so it's apparent as part of the plan as well.

But unless enslavement to illusion is Man's Destiny, which is hard to believe given the reality of Free Choice before us, and pretty easy too... the Matrix or Freedom. The movie exposed the Matrix and some awoke to the horror of living death the Matrix brings, but most did not, nor did many recognize the red-pill Blue-pill moment is a permanent choice before humanity.

Thus another Truth and this one begs the question of what to do after awakening? No help is coming from the Matrix, or its believers, since it (and they) exist to keep us down on the farm as servants with no hope except for more of the same.  But remember, the Matrix is essentially Mind Forged Manacles and the only solution to cast them off is to learn to use the mind to do it.

Since this must be done it must be part of the Plan.  What other challenge is before humankind except to perfect slavery within the Matrix or to gain Freedom from it? Thus after awakening to the need to be free the next step from slumber and  unconsciousness begins with the decision to move to Consciousness.   This presents a monumental struggle but once again, the most logical reaction.

And obviously part of the Plan and just imagine what Life Review looks like to see a barely scratched surface of heights slaves aren't allowed to dream about. To see what could have been in face of the wasted life that was, and maybe that's the lesson if no others.  In a Universe of infinite possibilities the emotion the living dead feel at death is profound regret.

Pretty grim and it's easy to see the mindset of the material world in most old folks as they approach their end and begin to face a less distracted reality and the mistakes of miss-spent life.  Too late for them now except to imagine the misery of passing into the next life carrying the 500# gorilla of unresolved worldly baggage? Not a pretty picture is it?

So when reason suggests benefit from making the final crossing as pure and simple as possible and that means leaving the 500# gorilla of crap accumulated in this lifetime behind where you got it.  And it's more preferable to strip the Matrix away when the vessel is still young enough to enjoy life but given such clear choices it appears that Man's reason to live is to defeat the Matrix.

So another Truth is that Life is a gift that must be fought for because everything  that happens before consciousness to it is illusion and nothing more than campfire shadows flickering on the wall of a monkey's cave... and the unawakened are the monkeys. 

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                                                                                                                          by Swami Don

There's a story circulating about a Master who took his student to the cliff edge, pushed him off, and he flew.   A nice concept but I wouldn't recommend it literally or rush to take any flights either.  It's a teaching story that notes timing is everything but fails to point out that the Universe holds the watch.

Karma brings needed lessons and the task before everyone is to be open to it.  Awakening is the gift of sight and consciousness is the gift of life, and more importantly, the foundation built in the space between these two waypoints becomes the template for the Journey that follows.       

'Ask and ye shall receive' but "ask for what" is always the question.  Most Seekers tend to be careful about what they ask for because more might come than is bargained for and with a twist at the end too.  Reality is often not what it appears and neither are human desires as sometimes the opposite of a thing is more true. 

First to crawl, then to walk, and then to run and there are no short cuts for the hard work of sowing today in hope of reaping big tomorrow.   'Seek and ye shall find'  and therefore studying Dead Masters for the essence of their philosophy is a good place to start.  Many flights have been launched from their backs.

For the Birds?  Sure, you bet, but the variety whose strength grows with flight ever nearer to the Light and becomes more powerful than an Eagle but resembles a Phoenix too, repeatedly consumed by fire and reborn many times on the way to the Source of Truths that brings the freedom that makes flight possible. 

Awakening is a personal story and mine is a classic tale of a 'last call' effort by a pissed off Spirit that boxed me in with no escape after an accident that was neither accident nor coincidence when examined in retrospect of fingerprints of Karma, Fate and Destiny so clearly evident.

But the End is not seen in the Beginning and Enlightenment is proven only by the pain, suffering and tears that mark its trail.   13 years it took me but I admit to giving up on the whole idea in the 11th year and leaving India to wander the world, still a Warrior Priest but without the former 24/7/365 intensity.

I've always been lucky and metaphorically could fall into a pile Holy Cow shit and expect to come up smelling like a rose.   But luck is the Grace that proves Spirit World is close although hidden behind Veils, but calls to me went unheard and even two Near Death Experiences didn't break through.

I was a tough nut to crack:  hard of hearing and distracted by life but also a survivor, and give the Matrix credit, well prepared to tangle with the material world and rack up more wins than losses.  But never a second thought for my Soul until it lost patience and got my attention with more direct action.

Few could foresee the potential Karma of major disasters that turn into the best thing that could ever have happened, and being beaten down wasn't so great in the beginning either, but the events that stripped away my life went unrecognized at the time but were the price of admission to unknown realms.

No need to mince words.  My Spirit tricked me onto the Spiritual Path and didn't care whether I was on-board or not, and then guided me to a Magic Theater filled with Teachers and dramas unbidden to introduce a mysterious new world where I knew less than nothing and everybody else knew more.

Or at least appeared knowledgeable to a rube like me and every New Age Charlatan with dreams of a new car or vacation home had his hand in my pocket while I floundered along in the shallows of New Age nitwitism.   Until Fate brought me an old Jungian Master and a Path hidden in plain sight.

Change happened quickly with his meditations and mental techniques and rude Awakenings brought new realities and a new life that demanded fresh programs and a real education.  With the right guidance despair eventually found opportunity and a growing curiosity about what might be.      

Life in the opposite direction means thinking new thoughts and extending horizons to places well beyond human imagination or ability to plan, thus my Spirit planned the trip and I was merely along for the ride on a Journey designed and guided by Powers more significant than me.

Clearly a seemingly impossible Quest requires help from the Gods so attracting their attention is necessary... but they are fickle and an audience is earned only through satisfied Gatekeepers and crossed Thresholds and humans best tread very carefully on those Playing Fields.  

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                                                                                                                                by Swami Don

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    Swami Don is an Enlightened Spiritual Teacher, former Airline Pilot,  Vietnam Vet, Green Beret: Purple Hearts, Bronze Star, Silver Star.  A traveling Monk recently returned after 20 years in India/Asia, now based in Tucson at offering Seminars and Specialty Counseling with the goal of bringing a mid-life 180 degree course change that moves from Awakening to full Consciousness and fulfills the promise of 'Two Lives for the Price of One' and provides true Existential Meaning in the last half (where it counts).


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